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Online Readings

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Online Readings:

We offer a “remote” property reading using Google Earth throughout Australia and anywhere in the world.

This assessment will detect and advise you of the types of harmful EMR fields which may exist within your space and how they’re affecting your family’s physical health and emotional well-being and, most of all, we provide a solution to your EMR problems.

  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Are you electro-hypersensitive?
  • Does your house make you feel sick or depressed?
  • Are you being frightened by paranormal activity at night?
  • Do the energies in your home or workplace support your health?
  • Do you suffer from headaches or fatigue in an office environment?
  • Is there a room or space in your home that feels heavy and sickly?
  • Do you have lack of drive to perform the simplest of tasks at home or work?

It is the knowledge base of Gerard Bini, an Intuitive Building Biologist and EMF Consultant, with his advanced intuitive energy reading and dowsing skills developed over many years, that all contribute to the uniqueness and outstanding performance of all his products.

Please insert the address for the reading under the Billing Address at Checkout. After purchasing your reading you will receive an email to book a time with Gerard. He will be in touch via phone to conduct your reading at your booked reading time.

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