What Our Customers are Saying

“I Just wanted to thank you for the Geoclense Home Harmonizer device (which I experience as a miracle). I’m delighted that the Geoclense will neutralise all Wi-Fi, and from portable dongles. Thank you for all your help!”

N. Jones, Queensland

“Love.. Love.. these products… They are Amazing!… Check them out… wouldn’t live without them!:)”

J. Carlsen, U.K.

“Thank you for the great service and conversation the other day. Our products arrived the next day and once the Geocleanse was plugged in, the effects were instantaneous. What a fantastic shift. The house feels so much more “clearer” and “uplifted”.

My new EMR Pendant has been a welcome friend to enable me to cope with going out into the world of busy shopping centers, without being knocked over for a 6! We are so grateful to have these products. Thank you so much.”

Jan and John, Melbourne

“I wanted to let you know that the Geocleanse is just marvelous! It was only a few hours after plugging it in that I noticed the difference – a type of cool ‘freshness’ in the air, and a feeling of ‘cleanness’ in the room! The hints of old mold smell started to disappear. Now a week later nearly and it is something you know you couldn’t be without, and every home should own one! I took the Geocleanse to work on Monday and the difference was incredible! Even the boss was commenting on what a “calm” day and environment it was. She had not realised it was due to the Geoclense that was plugged into the wall!”

Phillipa, New South Wales

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