Building Biology Consulting Services for Home and Workplace

Consulting Services for:-

Earth Radiation-Geopathic Stress

Electromagnetic Radiation, Smart Meters and WiFi

Radioactive Geological Matter, Mould & Chemical Energetic Interference, Negative Psychic Impressions

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Welcome to Orgone Effects Australia

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are Building Biology Consultants and the sole manufacturer of the Orgonium™ range of EMF harmonizing products (Patent Pending).

OEA manufacture an extensive range of Orgonium based Ionic Harmonization tools/products to neutralize the harmful effects of all forms of EMF.

Orgonium resonance technology is unique to OEA and has been developed and refined over many years of research and field testing.

OEA offer Building Biology Consulting Services for your home and workplace throughout metropolitan Melbourne, including local country areas by arrangement. We also offer free remote Google Earth property readings throughout Australia and anywhere in the world, via telephone or email correspondence.

Our Consulting Service covers the following aspects of Building Energetics:-

  • Earth Magnetic Grids and Nets
  • Electromagnetic Radiation, Radio Frequency
  • Wi-Fi, Microwave, Satellite, and RF Beams
  • Underground Water Veins
  • Sewer & Grey Water Lines
  • Fault Lines
  • Paranormal Interferences
  • Earth Radiation caused by Radioactive Geological Matter
  • Noxious Resonance from the presence of mould and fungus
  • Negative Psychic Impressions

Our range of harmonizing products have been field tested and are recommended by Holistic GP’s, Bioresonance Practitioners, Naturopaths, and Kinesiologists worldwide.

Using Biological testing methods such as GDV Kirlian Aura Camera, Biotensor, Lecher Antenna and Light Frequency Bioresonance, we are able to test and demonstrate the effectiveness of our products.

Orgone Effects Australia’s Ionic Orgonium systems differ to standard Orgonite tools, as they do not accumulate or produce dangerous Positive Charge energies which is typical of all Orgonite products.

The OEA Ionic Orgonium tools/products are designed to be used for:-

  • Building Energetics
  • Personal Energy Protection
  • Water & Food Ionising & Rejuvenation
  • Automotive & Aviation Cabin EMR