Ener-Yoga Mat – STANDARD 4.5mm


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Ensure your sacred Yoga space is EMF free

Through body contact, the Ener-Yoga Mats may stimulate meridians and enhance a person’s energy levels whlie neutralizing the effects of EMF from Wi/Fi, electrical appliances, Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) and imprints from previous yoga classmates.

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Product Description

Ensure your sacred Yoga space is EMF free and free of other peoples’ imprints.  Body contact with the Ener-Yoga Mat may stimulate meridians and act as an insulator from earth currents during meditation.

The yoga mat has undergone an Ionic Infusion process, unique to Orgone Effects ® which enables Ener-Yoga Mats to act as an EMF neutralizer and space harmonizer, utilizing the same programming which the Geoclense ® and Space Clearing Dome contain.

Ener-Yoga Mats may not only enhance a person’s energy levels; it will also have a balancing effect like the Space Clearing Dome over an area the size of the average yoga classroom holding up to approximately 40 people.

The Ener-Yoga Mats will have a neutralizing effect on EMF from Wi-Fi, electrical appliances, Earth Radiation, imprints from previous yoga classmates and other Bioplasmic (Human Generated) energies.

This yoga mat is very popular as it’s a little bit thicker and much nicer to work on than the standard 3.5/4mm mat.  Lightweight and durable, they offer insulation from cool floors and can be rolled or folded for use in required poses.

The Economy Budget Ener-Yoga Mat provides a stable non-slip surface for beginners, home practice or studio and is suitable for traveling (weighs only 1.2kg).

Product Features:
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Material: PVC
Length: 173 x 61 cm
Colors: Purple & Aqua Blue