Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmonizer



Neutralizes noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace.

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by all forms of EMR, RF, Wi/Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.

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Product Description

What types of Electromagnetic Radiation are we exposed to in our homes and workplaces?

On a daily basis, we are constantly bombarded in our homes and workplaces by harmful, noxious energy emissions from various types of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress), Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) and negative Solar & Planetary Retrograde influences.

The GEOCLENSE is non-placebo.  Many years of testing proves this beyond doubt.  Testing methods such as Kinesiology, Bioresonance, Lecher Antenna and the Biotensor that we have performed on the many scalar devices on the market, strongly indicate a placebo only effect.

The Geoclense is unique because it is the only Harmonizer in the world that has the ability to potentially harmonize ALL of the following sources of EMR fields: –

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) produced by…

  • Digital TVs
  • Smart Meters
  • Baby Monitors
  • Bluetooth Devices
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • High Voltage Power Lines
  • Wi-Fi Routers and Modems
  • Cordless and Mobile Phones
  • Artificial Heating and Cooling
  • Noxious Resonance from Mold and Fungus

Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) produced by…

  • Seismic Fault Lines
  • Underground Water Veins
  • Drinking water, sewer, storm and gray water pipes
  • Radioactive Geological Matter (For example Uranium and Coal)
  • Hartman, Curry, Benker & 400-meter Earth Magnetic Grid Lines

Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated) imprinting produced by…

  • Juvenile emotional stress
  • Illnesses and diseased organs
  • Death imprints/”Paranormal” Activity – (Read our Blog “Spooky Photos“)
  • Previous occupants’ emotional distress
  • Negative psychic impressions/Psychic attacks

Solar & Planetary Radiation imprinting produced by…

  • Planetary Retrograde influences
  • Beta Gamma from X, C & M-class Solar Flares/Solar Winds
  • Beta Gamma Radiation from Cygnus X3 (for people in the Northern Hemisphere)

How is EMR affecting our health and making us feel?

  • Feeling lethargic or lack of drive to perform the simplest of tasks at home or work
  • Electro-Hypersensitive
  • Headaches and Fatigue
  • Having trouble concentrating, Foggy brain
  • Trouble sleeping and children suffering bad dreams
  • Sensing unusual spirit activity/interference at night time
  • Feelings of discomfort or nausea in certain areas of a building
  • Negative emotional energies of depression, anxiety and anger

EMR creates a resonant stress on the human body which directly affects our organs, glands, hormones and emotional states.

“As a constant traveler exhibiting at Expos, I understand and know only too well how my personal energy and emotions are affected when I first walk into a Hotel room.  Feelings of agitation, heaviness, confusion, inability to think straight, a “weighted” down feeling, fatigue and general discomfort is what I experience until I quickly plug the Geoclense into the power point.  Ahhhhhh!  Relief. That’s why I always carry a Geoclense in my travel luggage”. Expo Exhibitor, Melbourne, Australia. April 2017.

We love our technology; we’ve never had it so good.  However, the problem is the electromagnetic fields they create, and the stress that may be experienced within the human body.  So, what’s the Solution?

The GEOCLENSE – By using the harmonic frequencies of nature, we create harmony with our technology.  The GEOCLENSE Home and Work Harmonizer is programmed to neutralize noxious EMR fields unique to buildings.

The stress put on the body’s organs, glands, hormones and nervous system by the EMR and other sources of noxious energy are potentially neutralized with a GEOCLENSE operating in a building. Within an instant, the space feels” lighter” and “clearer” and the well-being of the people may be restored, creating a healthier and happier home and work environment.

During our “on-site” Consultancy work, we experience many people who immediately sense and feel the balanced energy created by the GEOCLENSE when plugged in.  They notice that their usual uncomfortable feelings and sensations around EMR fields are no longer present with the GEOCLENSE operating.

“My husband gave me a Geoclense for Christmas in 2016.  I plugged it in and forgot about it.  Some days later, both my husband and I commented on how much better we felt and slept and we also noticed our young, autistic child’s behavior settle dramatically and wondered why.  It suddenly dawned on me that it must have been the Geoclense.  It truly has changed our lives.” Kinesiologist, Brisbane.  February, 2017.

It is the knowledge base of the manufacturer OEA as Intuitive Building Biologists, with our advanced intuitive energy reading skills developed over many years, that all contribute to the outstanding performance and uniqueness of the GEOCLENSE.

A GEOCLENSE is highly recommended for both Home and Workplace, and when traveling.  (See our “Twin Pack” and “Triple Pack” specials)

To operate the GEOCLENSE:
Simply plug it into any power point or power board and turn on the switch.  (Does NOT need to be centrally located).  You only need one GEOCLENSE per property/building.  Note: The GEOCLENSE does not consume any electrical supply.

We manufacture the GEOCLENSE for use in all countries including Europe, America, Great Britain, Japan, India, South Africa and Switzerland.  The GEOCLENSE is sold to over 20 countries around the world.

Healthy Home, Healthier Life

How many Geoclense do I need for one property?

Only one is required per property.

How big an area does it cover?

The Geoclense will cover an area to the boundary of an average suburban house, and may even have an effect on the neighbours either side.  If you are in a unit or apartment, it will cover your dwelling and may have an effect across the whole building.

Where is the best place to plug it in?

Any power point, anywhere in the house.  It can go into a power board, and can be used with a travel adapter in any country in the world when you are traveling.  The Geoclense is available with the correct electrical plug for every country around the world.

Does the Geoclense use any power?

No.  The Geoclense does not consume any power, however, keep the switch turned 'on' at all times.

Why does the Geoclense need to be plugged into an electrical socket if it doesn't use any electricity to work?

The Geoclense dominates the wiring with a negative charge which harmonizes the electrical system, thus neutralizing the EMR fields around appliances such as Smart Meters, Wi/Fi, Digital TV, fridges, lighting etc.

Because the Geoclense has an earth pin, the harmonized earth wire then neutralizes all types of earth radiation.

Will the Geoclense device give out some light when it is switched on?

No, there s no light that comes on when the Geoclense is plugged into the power point and is switched on.

Does the Geoclense help with power lines?

Yes, the Geoclense definitely has an effect on power lines in either direction, up and down the street in front of the property, for a distance of around 50 meters either way.

How do I know the Geoclense is working?

Most people, within seconds of initial installation of their Geoclense, feel a change in the environment of their home and workplace and how they feel within themselves. This is especially the case with people who may have an awareness of being, or have been diagnosed, as Electro-hypersensitive and chemically sensitive.  People often express how the the space feels” lighter” and “clearer”.

How long does the Geoclense last and how often do I need to replace it?

The Geoclense will last forever. The Geoclense effectiveness against known harmful EMR fields at the time of manufacture should never lose its charge for all electrical, Wi-Fi, Digital TVs, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated).

However, because planetary energies are always changing, every 3-4 years it may be advisable to upgrade to a current model Geoclense to benefit from all the research we do in observing these changes and making the suitable corrections available through the Geoclense.

Do I need a Geoclense for both Home and Work?

Yes!!!! What people don’t realize is that ALL workplaces are the most harmful energetic environments. This is because there’s generally a higher amount of EMR fields from machines, computers, appliances and fluorescent lighting. The other big energetic influence is Bioplasmic Radiation caused by negative psychic impressions which are electromagnetic imprints created by competitors, non-supporters, disgruntled customers, disgruntled staff and animosity among staff and management. This negative psychic impression energy is generally not what you would normally experience in the home environment. (See our “Twin Pack” special).

Do I need to take a Geoclense when traveling?

Yes!!! A typical Hotel/Motel room would have had many hundreds of people sleeping in the same bed that you are, potentially leaving emotional and illness imprints in the beds and within the rooms which will interfere with your sleep. These localized fields over the Motel beds are neutralized by the Geoclense.

Some Motels which may be high rise have mobile phone communication equipment on the rooftops very close to the rooms, which create big EMF problems within the building.  An extremely good example of this is where we, ourselves, stay in a Motel while exhibiting at Expos in South Australia. This Motel is of around 12 levels and has mobile phone panels attached to the walls on the 8th and 9th floor.  Without a Geoclense installed in the room during our stay, the room would be virtually inhabitable because of the EMF.

How has the Geoclense been tested and who has tested it?

As the Geoclense is an EMF Harmonizer, it cannot be tested with a Gauss meter or a radio frequency meter. All testing of the Geoclense is done with traditional energy measuring tools such as the Biotensor and Lecher Antenna. These are proven, traditional building biology scientific instruments designed to measure the effect of EMF on the human body against a known radiation field.  We have also performed many tests in the past using GDV Kirlian Photography.

Because the Geoclense is all about neutralizing the effect of EMF on the human body, the Geoclense is able to be tested using Kinesiology and Bioresonance which is why we are so popular around the world with practitioners who use Kinesiology and Bioresonance equipment. These modalities always show that the Geoclense does prevent EMF stress in the body, and some practitioners believe that after using a Geoclense for more than a month, the EMF imprinting in the body completely disappears. It is a known fact that most Bioresonance practitioners will start a treatment by checking and clearing EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting in the body, and do observe that there is generally no EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting with their clients who have been using a Geoclense in their home and workplace.

What’s the difference between the Geoclense and other products on the market ie: Scalar devices and Orgonite?

Scalar electronic harmonizers are placebo only.  Our testing methods carried out by Accredited Health Practitioners worldwide prove that fact.

Orgonite is bipolar in its frequencies and generally looks pretty, however when tested with traditional building biology tools as mentioned above, show no EMF neutralizing effects and if anything, may show harmful effects on the human body.

Can you break a Geoclense?

In theory, no. Because the Geoclense does not contain any electronics, it naturally “feeds” the frequency into the wiring. If the Geoclense resin engineered smart crystal block is broken, the Geoclense will continue to operate without any compromise.

Can a Geoclense cause a house fire?

No, because it doesn’t contain any electronics which may potentially cause a fire risk.


As the Geoclense is an EMF Harmoniser, it cannot be tested with a Gauss meter or a radio frequency meter.

All testing of the Geoclense is done with traditional energy measuring tools such as the Biosensor (Josef Oberbach) ad Lecher Antenna (Ernst Lecher).  These are proven, traditional building biology scientific instruments designed to measure the effect of EMF on the human body against a known radiation field.

Because the Geoclense is all about neutralizing the effect of EMF on the human body, the Geoclense can be tested using proven scientific methods such as Kinesiology and diagnostic equipment such as Bioresonance, Biofeedback and GDV Killian Photography. These testing methods consistently, and across a wide range of experienced practitioners worldwide, show the 100% effectiveness of the Geoclense in its ability to neutralize radiation and prevent resonant stress on organs caused by the presence of harmful radiation.

Some practitioners believe that after using a Geoclense for more than a month, the EMF imprinting in the body completely disappears.  It is a known fact that most Bioresonance practitioners will start a treatment by checking and clearing EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting in the body, and do observe that there is generally no EMF and Geopathic stress imprinting with their clients who have been using a Geoclense in their home and workplace.

Independent Lecher Antenna testing in buildings AFTER a Geoclense installation: -

Independent Lecher Antenna testingBy inserting the Geoclense and measuring with the Lecher antenna (pictured on the right), I can confirm that it is possible to reach the following frequencies:

The Five Harmonies:
Rating and measuring higher life energy (In houses)
2,5 Hz : Cellular (Can find it everywhere)
8 Hz : Earth or Telluric Energy (Can find it only in 20% of the houses)
12 Hz : Cosmic or Heaven Energy (Can find it only in 10% of the houses)
15,3 Hz : Electromagnetic Synergy (Can find it only in churches)
17,6 Hz : Global Synergy (Can find it only in churches or cathedrals)
With the Geoclense:  2,5 – 8 – 12 – 15,3 - 17.6Hz = 100%
which equates to healthy, positive energy free of EMF, RF and Geopathic stress interference.

Independent GDV Kirlian Photography Testing: -

Image on left is without harmonywear Pendant and right with Harmonywear Pendant
GDV Kirlian Photography of the human energy
field without a Geoclense (left), and with the
Geoclense (right).

         Kirlian Images of Tap water






Independent GDV Kirlian Photography testing in a 50 level Building in Melbourne: -

The initial GDV test on the subject person was performed without a Geoclense operating and showed possible resonant stress from the radiation in the building on the residents heart, spleen, stomach and pancreas.

GDV testing after the Geoclense was installed showed a measurable increase in their heart, stomach, spleen and pancreas organ energy levels, indicating that the Geoclense may have successfully neutralized the resonant stress on those organs.  Testing with GDV Photography with and without the Geoclense operating was repeated several times that afternoon and consistently demonstrated the same results.

After the GDV testing, an energetic survey of the 50 level building using a Biotensor energy measuring instrument and intuitive energy reading methods, indicated that all 50 levels and basement areas were harmonized with the one single Geoclense.

Comparative Testing: -

What's the difference between the Geoclense and other products on the market i.e. Scalar devices, Earthing products and Orgonite?

Scalar Electronic Harmonisers: -
Scalar electronic harmonisers are only effective against electrical EMF and not against Digital TV's, Wi/Fi, and Bioplasmic and Earth Radiation which are the bigger EMF dangers in our houses and workplaces.

Earthing/Grounding Products: -
Having a Geoclense installed enables earthing or grounding products to be safe to use. The Geoclense ensures that the correct frequency is taken into the earthing/grounding products so you won’t be exposed to unhealthy frequencies which could cause unwanted stress on your organs. This is especially significant if you are using a grounding sheet to sleep on.

Orgonite Products: -
Orgonium, manufactured by Orgone Effects Australia, is not orgonite, as it does not contain dirty ingredients such as metals and toxic resins.  Orgonium is produced from a non-toxic, environmentally friendly resin.  Orgonite is bipolar in its frequencies and generally looks pretty, however when tested with traditional building biology tools such as the Biosensor, Lecher Antenna, Kinesiology protocols and Bioresonance etc., they shown no EMF neutralising effects, and if anything, may show harmful effects on the human body.

Field testing results of the Geoclense as a "plug-in power point home harmonizer" device, tested against other plug-in type harmonizers, showed the following: -

Competitor harmonizers state in their information brochures that their product will have a balancing effect throughout the whole property and which effectively should neutralize all forms of positive charge resonance to a negative charge resonance.  However, when tested, all of the competitor devices exhibited the following performance characteristics...

  • Did not create a balancing energy beyond 6 meters at best, the worst was only 1 meter.
  • Failed to harmonize all forms of positive charge resonance.
  • Had no effect on any form of imprinted noxious Bioplasmic Radiation energy fields such as emotional imprints, death imprints, counter-conscious imprinting radiation fields or inter-dimensional imprinting.
  • No neutralizing effect on all forms of Earth Radiation.
  • No effect on neutralizing mold or fungus.
  • Did neutralize EMF, however, failed to remove the imprinted fields around the affected appliances or power points.
  • Did not comply with Australian standards for electrical safety. Did not have electrical insulation around the base of the electrical pins (including some earthing products currently on the market).

My name is Robert McDonell and I have been doing Kinesiology in a clinical context since 1989 and teaching Kinesiology since 1993.  In that time, I have used Precision Muscle Checking as a verification tool to test the validity and effectiveness, as well as the harmful effects, of many different products available in Australia and worldwide.  During that time, I have been aware of the dangers posed from electrical appliances and other electromagnetic energies.

Many people have made claims as to the effectiveness of many devices that eliminate the dangers.  For nearly two decades I tested many products, but to no avail.

It was such an amazing day when I found Gerard and his products.  Muscle Checking has verified that his products do what he claims.  I am especially fond of the Ener-soles that you put in your shoes.  I found my feet were so relaxed after being on my feet in my clinic all day, as well as when I played cricket.  I was amazed how well I felt after running around on the cricket field.  I use them every day.

I must congratulate Gerard on his amazing products.  Many people I have shared these products with are also amazed at the difference they make.

Without Prejudice.

Robert McDonell, Kinesiologist & Founder, Global Kinesiology

I have been using products from Orgone Effects Australia for almost 10 years and have found them to be highly effective.

A number of years ago I became concerned about getting a “hot-ear” from my mobile phone. After reading and researching the growing scientific evidence that radiation from mobile phones can cause brain tumors, my concern was confirmed when one of my clients at the time, a senior Neurosurgeon at an Australian hospital, told me that he had been extensively researching the effects of radiation from mobile phones over a long period and had found a causative link to brain tumors and cancer. This Neurosurgeon had written and published articles on the subject.

I then researched and bought various products which didn’t seem to make any difference. I eventually came across the Orgone Effects website and I bought the mobile phone radiation protector. No more hot-ear! It worked brilliantly.

I saw the founder of Orgone Effects, Gerard Bini, speak at a seminar sometime after that on the subject of Geomancy, an ancient art, and the modern EMF-type problems. I then tried other products Gerard had developed and had them independently tested, and confirmed as to their effectiveness.

I believe Gerard is years ahead of his time in providing solutions to an ever-growing (and out-of-control) electromagnetic/radiation problem through the explosion in technologies like mobile phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, digital TV’s, computer screens etc.

I have been extremely happy with the Orgone Effects products and would highly recommend them to anyone who has woken up and realized that there is a problem with the technology we are being bombarded with these days unless we are aware and do something about it.

If anyone is interested in doing their own research the “International Agency for Research on Cancer” (an arm of the World Health Organization) website is a great place to start for the scientific evidence of electromagnetic fields being now classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Another great website for scientific proof is which provides some explosive scientific information and an appeal to the United Nations from scientists from over 40 countries to investigate this growing problem.

Keep up the great work Gerard!

P. Ferguson, Kinesiologist
Yarra Junction, Vic.

I bought the Geoclense on a bit of a whim after attending a course to help with my sons sensory processing and behavioral issues. They suggested that individuals with sensitivities often have an Electro Magnetic Frequency component so, I thought it was worth a try.

The results for us have been fantastic.  As soon as the Geoclense was plugged in, there was lightness to the atmosphere and I felt that the house even sounded different.  The buzzing in my head (which up until this point I was unaware of), lifted and cleared.  For my son I have seen a marked difference in his behavior, he is much calmer with much fewer and less extreme aggressive outbursts.  I see him for the first time being able to make good decisions for himself, it's like he has been able to move on from old restrictive patterns that were holding him back.  His sleep is much more consistent and he now no longer fights the natural need to sleep like he had always done before. In fact, there is a marked improvement in all of our sleep cycles.  Overnight guests also comment on this, saying they sleep better here than at home.

My sons birth was very traumatic and this trauma has kept playing out between us and has caused us a great deal of stress.  I have seen a marked improvement in our relationship since installing the Geoclense.  It feels like it has lifted the trauma field between us and allowed us to form a healthier relationship.

Thank you OEA!

C. Collings
London, U.K.

I work at a Health Food store where we have been selling and highly recommending the Geoclense and Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizers and I have also personally been using these products for many years.

I love the Geoclense and never allow it to be turned off.  However, recently my girlfriend and her children came over for a visit and it was accidentally switched off at the power point.  I noticed it was off immediately, as I felt the difference in the house which felt suddenly heavy and very uncomfortable.  I was so relieved when we turned the Geoclense back on, and we all noticed the difference straight away, as the house felt lighter, clearer and calm again.

I have another friend who comes to visit us regularly and it's interesting how he always comments on how “peaceful” our home is and how “good” it feels here.

Mt. Eliza Health Food Store, Mt. Eliza, Vic.

"I have had a Geoclense for a while now and I have become accustomed to the improved energy in my house, so I was shocked when the Geoclense was recently unplugged. I could feel the energy drop and I felt a heaviness - subtle but not pleasant. I couldn't wait to get it plugged back in again."

"I can feel the extent of the extra energy from the Geoclense outside my house and even in the street - I know where it stops as I start to feel that heaviness again. It's interesting that visitors to my home often comment that my house has a nice "feel" to it, or that it has good energy, so I know that others are noticing the effects of the Geoclense too."

"I choose not to have a wireless internet connection because of the radiation, however, I discovered one day that I could pick up my neighbour's wireless connection, so it is still in my home. I know that I am protected with the Geoclense. I am so glad to have the Geoclense and know that I am protected from harmful radiation."

Jenner, Theta Healer

"Since having had my house cleansed with the Geoclense installed in the electrical circuit, I have been waking up feeling awake for the first time in my life (55 years of waking up feeling as tired as when I went to bed is a good point of reference!). I can’t thank him enough. I know that it is Gerard’s work that has made the difference because I have used many other methods of healing and protection, and nothing has made the astounding difference that I am now experiencing. All the phones in my house are also harmonized which is also helping."

Dr. Jessica Read
London, UK

"I just wanted to tell you that after your assessment, I put a Geoclense plug-in and it has made a massive improvement to my focus, concentration and energy when working from home. Also, I'm waking up without any aches and pains and am feeling a lot more refreshed."

Cheryl Wilson BSc (Hons) MBANT NTCC