Ener-Bottle – Energized and BPA Safe 600ml


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An Energized and BPA safe water drinking bottle.

Turns ordinary tap or commercially available water into healthy “living” water.

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Product Description

Ener bottle energised copyThe Ener-Bottle – Energized and BPA Safe has been permanently energized with a healthy negative charge imprint which turns ordinary tap or commercially available water into healthy “living” water, with energetic qualities which may be like that found in mountain spring water.  It is a known fact that mountain spring water is a healthier choice than tap water.

The energetic qualities of the Ener-Bottle reduce the surface tension of the water which may enable deeper cell hydration.  At the same time, the Ener-Bottle gently energizes the internal organs which help to increase overall energy levels and well-being. People who are in tune with their bodies, or those with developed energy sensitivity, may enjoy the energy balancing experience as the water flows down the throat, and then into the digestive system organs.

The Ener-Bottle is made from laboratory grade plastic and has been scientifically formulated and tested NOT to produce or leach the harmful chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) after constant re-use.

The Ener-Bottle is ideal for: –

  • At the office
  • Gym workouts
  • All sporting activities
  • Bike riding – fits into the water bottle holder
  • Popular with school children for use at school and in the classroom
  • Take-away water drinking bottle for camping, picnics, watching sport at venues etc.

Available in 600ml Squeeze bottles.