Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer



Harmonizes the noxious energy on planes when traveling.

Finally, a Harmonizer that converts the overwhelming positive charge noxious energies experienced in an aircraft cabin to a healthy negative charge frequency.


Product Description

Aircraft cabin spaces have the same amount of energy-depleting positive charge that an electrical sub-station has!

The Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer converts this overwhelming positive charge noxious energy to a healthy negative charge frequency, allowing passengers to breathe easier and feel fresher for longer without any of the physically ill symptoms many experience when traveling on a plane.

Field testing of the Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer using Bio-feedback found that stress on the nervous system and meridian pathways were completely removed, and the healthy negative charge resonance enabled passengers to experience a more relaxed and nausea-free flight.

“I recently traveled to the UK and was keen to take my Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer with me.  On the way over, I experienced not a lot of jet lag and was really pleased with this.  After arriving home, I experienced the worst jet lag, lasting about 2-3 weeks!  I then realized that I’d left the Aircraft Cabin disk at our cousin’s place 🙁  I’m not thinking this was a coincidence!”
Lee-Ann, Wonthaggi, Victoria, Australia

At only 6.5cm diameter, we recommend the Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer disk be placed inside your standard size carry-on luggage. 

One Aircraft Cabin Harmonizer will potentially harmonize an entire aircraft cabin.



The Aircraft Cabin Harmoniser is also suitable for use in light aircraft, buses, trains and public spaces such as Shopping Centers, Hospitals and Government Buildings.